Titan in the news

Important dates

Less than 2 months before the Grand Finale begins!

The Cassini spacecraft will begin a daring attempt of passing between Saturn and the inner edge of the rings, after using Titan for gravitational assist.

How "impossible" clouds of C4N2 form in Titan's stratosphere

A type of cloud in Titan's stratosphere that was once thought to form under "impossible" conditions is suggested to form under special conditions involving HC3N and HCN ice solid-state chemistry

Unveiling Titan's dunes and dynamical features in new Cassini images

Titan's 122nd flyby by Cassini in July 2016 reveiled some fascinating details about Titan's surface dunes and dynamical features

The role of poly-HCN, from a theoretical approach!

This really interesting study published a month ago in PNAS, by Rahm et al. tries to solve the question of whether HCN can exist on Titan's surface and through which photochemical processes.



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